In addition to offering script analysis on my Study page, you may also schedule private lessons with me via Skype or Google Hangouts. I provide personalized instruction in Business Writing, Engrosser's Script, and Ornamental Penmanship. 

I am also available to teach group classes or workshops (to guilds, clubs, etc.). Please feel free to contact me to arrange an event.


There's currently a lack of in depth, online penmanship instruction. It's easy to find pictures of scripts or alphabets, but resources for learning how to write are sparse.

With this site, I'll be giving you the means to become a better Penman. 


My primary focus currently is providing high quality instruction. I accept commissions as time permits.

Scripts, Hands, and Lettering Styles
  • Ornamental Penmanship

  • Engrosser's Script

  • ​Business Writing

  • Spencerian Script

  • Sickels Lettering

  • ​Gothic Calligraphy

  • Italic Calligraphy